How NetSuite ERP Can Unlock Your True Business Potential

Posted by Roger Gribbin on Nov 25, 2021 10:26:18 AM

 unlocking business potential

Adopting NetSuite ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is one of the most effective ways to overcome challenges, whether general or industry specific, as well as adding flexibility to help manage your business in a smarter and more efficient way. Here we will look at some of the benefits in more detail so you can evaluate how they could relate to your business.


Scale up with ease scaling up to the cloud

While business growth is an obvious positive, unchecked growth can quickly overwhelm your current processes and systems. When cracks start to emerge, things can start to become increasingly difficult to manage, leading to escalating costs while your organisation effectively works harder than necessary to keep on top of the volume of work and plug the holes as they appear.


NetSuite ERP can help you streamline many of the issues you are faced with when scaling up, such as taxes, language barriers and legislation. If you’re looking at new markets to generate new sources of income and avoid the potential negative effects of regional variations, having these aspects taken care of can be invaluable.


Keep everyone satisfied

 satisfied staff

As well as making life easier for your workforce, a centralised, integrated and streamlined system, such as NetSuite ERP, ensures you avoid unnecessary delays and duplications between different processes. This translates into the minimal amount of paperwork needed, better and faster responses to queries and messages, and higher satisfaction rates for customers which creates a more positive image for your business.


Efficiency and simplicity

Making processes simpler

Integrating NetSuite ERP into your business will streamline and simplify many of your processes across all departments of your business. Even complex processes can be integrated and streamlined for increased efficiency and greater visibility and accuracy.

The dedicated employee app and customer portal allows your workforce to work where and when they need to. NetSuite ERP ensures everybody from sales and marketing, finance and production, as well as any other departments, are connected through a single platform.



flexible cloud systems

On a more practical day-to-day level, it’s easy for individuals to use NetSuite ERP to add fields, create workflows and design their own dashboards according to their role and preferences.

This provides multiple benefits. It ensures employees have instant access to the information most relevant to them, increasing visibility and efficiency.




Valuable insights Business insights

Having access to real time information from all departments leads to far better decision making. Financial decisions become more informed and performance and operational tweaks are timelier and more relevant than ever before.

Management and department heads gain a level of insight into your business that allows them to be far more effective in their roles.


Why choose the world’s #1 Cloud ERP software?

NetSuite ERP provides market leading solutions and brings unparalleled flexibility, efficiency, and business intelligence to your organisation.


A NetSuite ERP Partner You Can Trust

At OSSM we are experienced with every aspect of NetSuite ERP across multiple industries. Our broad customer base provides us with an extremely deep well of knowledge and experience to call upon when designing and integrating a solution for you.

We will work closely with you to ensure the set-up of your systems and processes is as seamless and effective as possible.

Our experience with NetSuite and its integrated apps means we can implement a solution that is flexible and that meets your needs. As each project is different, we have the best of both worlds when it comes to implementation. We can start with pre-built dashboards, reports and workflows or we can implement on a blank canvas. We have specialist skills across Services, Field Services, Distribution & Digital Commerce and Manufacturing. 

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Author: Roger Gribbin, Sales Director

Roger Gribbin- OSSM Sales Director

Over the past 25 years Roger has worked in various Technical, Consultative and Project Management roles across a wide range of organisations in various industries throughout Ireland. These roles included assisting customers with their selection projects for ERP, CRM and BI projects, and hands-on implementation across short- and medium-term ERP projects. Roger heads up the Sales Division at OSSM. 









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