Integrated Marketing Automation 

Posted by Sinead Hayes on Aug 22, 2016 10:00:00 AM


Marketing Automation - the integrated way 


 In my opinion, marketing systems today must (at a mimimum)

  •  help you to achieve better results (lead generation, conversion rates, growth in sales)
  •  help you to analyse your campaigns (using KPI's, ROI tracking, Keyword Analysis etc)

  •  help you to communicate the right messages at the right times
  •  have access to historical sales to help you upsell more effectively
  •  integrate with other aspects of your business (sales, finance, production, e-commerce etc)
  •  help your marketing team become highly efficient and productive
  •  be dynamic, be flexible, be cloud based


While there are lots of marketing systems and tools out there - the tempation is to have a tool for everything, but the danger is in not having the systems connected up. 

Integrating your marketing function with sales, finance, production and all of the other departments means that you can access critical customer data to help you get the right message to the right target audience at the right time. No Excel uploads of target audiences, no checking seperate systems for your analytics. All the information you require is in the one place. 

Download this e-book, which provides guidance on what to look out for in a marketing automation system.


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 marketing automation ebook




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